The A-Team !

Dr. Ronald Plotka, Founder

Dr. Plotka is a nationally renowned Boston area dentist with over 40 years of dentistry leadership. Operating a large practice in Swampscott, MA, Dr. Plotka has pioneered several oral healthcare advancements such as dental bonding, tooth sealants, same-day crown fabrication, laser drilling or sleep-apnea detection.

He is a national lecturer and dental expert. Dr. Plotka sits on several boards including:  The Board of Visiting Nurses Association;  Executive Director of the dental program at Marian Court College;  Board of Directors of Salem Five Bank;  Staff Dentist at Salem Hospital Partners.  Dr. Plotka is the Founder of Mouth Watchers.

In his free time he plays tennis, goes to Florida or watches football. He has 3 daughters and ... 3 grand-children!

(Some of his hygienists have been working with him for... over 30 years! That should tell you something about the Man :)

Favorite Doctor Plotka's Toothbrush:  No favoritism haha


Violaine Gillot ("V"), General Manager

V graduated from Salem University in 2009 with her second MBA and has been in the company since then! She moved to the US from France over 10 years ago and met Dr. Plotka on a Golf Course. She quickly jumped on board and grew into the company, becoming our General Manager, which pretty much means she is the go-to person for... Everything :)
V makes the company thrive thanks to her passion and energy.

In her free time, and when not traveling, V keeps fit and active! She has ran a couple half-marathons and competes in Tough Mudder endurance challenges. She is a wine- Last but not least, she is the very proud Mom of a very special baby girl, Eliana.

Favorite Doctor Plotka's Toothbrush:  Youth Pink.


 Violetta Semenova ( "Little V") Operations Manager


Violetta is a native from Kazakhstan. She's been with us for a few short years but worked her way up and quickly became our Operations Manager. She is a problem-solver and a natural in customer service.

In her free time, she loves snowboarding in NH and is passionate about make-up and esthetics. She actually has a second career in the make, as a professional eyelash extension artist.

Favorite  Doctor Plotka's Toothbrush:  Power Blue.

Tim Mavroules - Executive Assistant

Tim has been a satisfied MouthWatchers user for over five years, and has happily recommended it to friends and family as he can personally attest that it is the best toothbrush he has ever used! Tim joined the our team in March of 2018 as the brand continues to grow and thrive. He seeks to improve on the company’s already stellar reputation for service, while looking for new ways to better serve our valued customers.

He obtained a B.S. in Psychology from Salem State University and is a certified personal trainer through the highly-regarded NASM. He has ten years of experience working closely with clients, customers and patients in various settings including customer service, health and wellness, and in-patient hospital care. Tim’s near-future goals include graduate study in Public Health/ Healthcare Administration.

In his free time, Tim enjoys anything outdoors - including mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, trail running, and training for his next OCR. He is also an avid taco and craft beer aficionado !

 Anthony Gleeson - Social Media / Communication

Anthony is currently in his final year of his undergrad studying Public Relations at Salem State University. He is the go to guy for Social Media and Internal Communication Affairs.

He loves to laugh a lot and enjoys being under the sun. You can find him writing poetry and performing around Boston or eating his favorite food, PASTA! He really loves his coffee and loves to do spontaneous activities both indoors and outdoors.

Favorite Doctor Plotka's Toothbrush:  Manual Adult Orange